David Carreira, owner and operator of Carreira Carpentry was first introduced on to projects when he went on weekends with his father for fun back in 1994 for his fathers business at the time "Carpenters Construction Work". At that time is when he fell in love with the trade. In 1996 when the Carreira family bought their 1st computer is when David started electronically doing all the book keeping for his father. In 1999 with the expansion of his fathers business when Iberian, Inc was opened Was when David started his apprenticeship on summer vacations, weekends and anytime school was out. In 2002 David started working for his father at Iberian, Inc full time. The rest is history. Carpentry is David's passion. He is not satisfied with a project until the customer is satisfied. Picking up valuable knowledge on a daily basis to provide his customers with an unparalleled product. David's operation have always been on the smaller scale because he is very hands on on all his projects and does not like to spread himself too thin because that's when quality starts to dissipate. Take a look thru the pics and come enjoy timeless quality with Carreira Carpentry.